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Welcome…to the wonderful world of feeling alive and fit, or for many of us, the journey to feel alive and fit. You don’t arrive at this place of vibrant health by chance or luck, despite what your friends might think.

Many times I’ve been told I’m lucky I don’t have chronic back pain, or that I have endless energy. Perhaps I am lucky I figured out that if every day for the rest of my life I take two minutes each morning to do core strengthening exercises my spinal problems will never again cause back pain, but I didn’t become pain free by luck, nor was I born with an energizer switch I can flick on.

My youngest son still remembers back when he was around age four, watching me writhe with excruciating back pain as I shuffled on the couch to take a puff of my Ventolin inhaler to stop wheezing and popped a Tylenol to ease my migraine, only to tell him I’m too tired to play right now. My life at the age of 35 could be summed up into two words: falling apart.

Somewhere in my early 30s, amidst the crazyness of life, raising three kids as a single mom and caught up in a career, I forgot to take care of myself and I started falling apart.

When I was 36 I started practicing meditation and something miraculous happened; I fell in love with myself again. When you fall in love with yourself you’ll know because you’ll start nurturing yourself with real food and nutrition, and exercising and taking time out just to relax and de-stress, without ever feeling guilty about it. The reality is, the healthier you are, the happier you are, and the ripple effect is a happier, healthier family.

Who doesn’t want a happier, healthier family?

The journey to get there doesn’t happen overnight, but you never actually get there if you don’t make a conscious choice to do something about it. When you are really sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, you have a choice to make. And the beauty of this concept is that you do have a choice. Countless people have shared their stories of healing and inspiration with me in the pages of Alive+Fit over the past nine years; their darkest moments and their rise to freedom. I call it freedom because it is liberating to awaken each morning with a feeling of vitality and a zest for life, especially when you have lived and experienced the other side of it.

Eager and excited to share with others the path to vibrant health that I had discovered and have been following for over a decade, in 2007 I created Alive+Fit. It was a marriage of my two passions as a journalist and as a fitness professional. Woven together in its pages are bits and pieces of my own journey and discoveries and the stories and wisdom of countless others.

I have a dream. It is my hope that during my lifetime I will see a generation where true vibrant health is the norm, not the exception. My vision is akin to a throwback to the 70s where we ate home-cooked meals, fast food was a treat and we didn’t spend endless hours daily in front of a television. And I wholeheartedly believe we can get there.

Start where you are now. Take that one step forward to creating the best life possible for yourself and for future generations.

I hope you enjoy the inspiration and motivation of Alive+Fit.

Sari Huhtala, publisher Alive+Fit Magazine