Healing: Pain Free After 50 Years

As a young girl, Christine Chomicki would make sure a jar of Crisco vegetable oil shortening was at the top of her mother’s grocery list.  When discomfort and pain from her skin condition would seem unbearable, Chomicki would reach for the Crisco and slather it on her body to moisturize. That was almost 50 years ago.

Today, Chomicki, a 51-year-old North Bay area resident, has no need for treatments for her condition because for the first time in 51 years she says she can see the natural skin on her feet, and she’s not afraid to venture outside of her home without hiding her condition beneath a turtleneck.

The severe form of ethiosis, a genetic skin condition which for her was considered potentially fatal at birth, no longer plagues her life.  And she no longer suffers from hyperkerotosis, a severe build up of skin cells, which resulted in a constant shedding of dead skin layers that would continually return.

Several years ago a specialist in Toronto prescribed a number of medications for her to help her cope with her condition.

That was her turning point, she recalls. She decided to heal herself “and to clear up the skin condition once and for all, and to do it naturally.”

For seven years Chomicki persisted with her “healthy daily routine” and her persistence has paid off. She has seen a 90 per cent improvement in her skin condition, she says.

“I use all natural bath products and soaps, in addition to my daily health routine,” Chomicki
says. “Everyone says I look much healthier than I ever have. I look good on the outside
and feel good inside, and I’m even able to wear short sleeves now. I never did that before.”

After doing a body cleanse seven years ago, she began introducing vitamins into her diet,
while continuing healthy eating habits. She introduced grape seed oil and primrose oil capsules into her daily regime, as well as flaxseed oil.

Although she took it upon herself to research natural health treatments and based her
healthy regime on her own research findings, a natural health practitioner, such as a naturopath, can assist with finding relief for similar conditions. Natural health practitioners are also aware of any precautions one may need to consider when introducing supplements.

“You have to find a healthy routine that works for you, and you have to stick to it,” Chomicki says. “It’s not going to be as hard as you think.  Focusing on planting the seed of your routine is the toughest part, but then eventually it’ll come naturally to you.”

“It’s not just for the health of your skin,” Chomicki says. “It’s about having a healthy body,
mind and spirit and being more contented in life.”