Energy and Emotions: Making the Pain Connection

Healing_DrOutstretching his swollen hands in front of him, North Bay psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Phillips watched as a medical intuitive stood in front of him placed her hands palm to palm beneath his. An intense, piercing heat released from his hands as energy moved through his body, and as the energy moved, the crippling pain began to subside.

What if you could understand that beneath layers of pain felt in the body was a trapped emotion, and that working towards releasing that emotion could release the pain?

For Phillips, being in his 30s and facing debilitating pain 24 hours a day, arthritis was his body’s sign that he was holding on to an emotion that, until released, would continue creating pain in his body. So when divine intervention presented Phillips with a healing
encounter with a medical intuitive – a complementary medical practitioner who uses intuition to address the underlying causes of physical and emotional conditions – it was an opportunity he could not pass up.

“I was at a holistic health conference in Vernon B.C. back in 1987,” Phillips explains. “I was there as a listener and this woman came up to me, Mary Joe Bulbrook, a medical intuitive, and said somebody had told her about me and she just wanted to spend a few minutes picking my brain about qualitative research. After the discussion, she thanked me and said if there was anything at all she could do for me to let her know. “As she was walking away I thought to myself I’m never going to see this woman again, so I called out to her and said, “Mary Joe, there is something you can do for me.”

Explaining his plight with severe arthritis, Phillips outstretched his hands and Bulbrook placed hers beneath his. As the energy moved and pain lifted, she began to explain that there was a message from his father, who had died when Phillips was only a young child. It was a message of forgiveness; one that Phillips would discover had the potential to lift his arthritic pain.

“There were two messages for me,” Phillips says. “One; I needed to forgive my mother for my belief that my mother killed my father by nagging, pushing and controlling him. And two; I needed to forgive my mother for my belief that she was extremely controlling.”

Within five minutes of Bulbrook’s energy work, Phillips was pain free for the first time in years. Bulbrook encouraged Phillips to spend time healing through forgiveness. “Over that six month period that followed I would do my meditation on forgiveness and I learned that everybody’s doing the best they can with what they have,” Phillips says. “I don’t have any right to call it controlling or domineering or any of these because they are judgements. When I would feel the twinge of pain, I meditated on forgiveness.”

He had evolved from having swollen knuckles and pain 24 hours a day to being completely pain free. “This is about finding gratitude for the signs your body gives,” Phillips says. “It’s about learning to respect and appreciate energy at a different level than what we’re used to.

“Wow, is the body ever a neat thing,” Phillips explains. “This is cool. You start to be grateful for the signs your body gives” when the energy of emotion changes your physiology. “There’s this profound respect for all the things we don’t know and a profound respect for people who’ve had the courage to open themselves up to information that the rest of us aren’t saying we want to look at. It’s not about people; it’s about energy and the world and how it all fits together.”

In the book You Can Heal Your Life famed author Louise Hay encourages individuals to understand that one’s mind has the capacity to create health or illness. One’s physical body functions according to energetic processes guided by subconscious levels of
being, she explains. In her best-selling book she lists numerous health issues and the underlying emotional issues associated with those health issues. Hay healed her breast cancer by shifting her old thought patterns, clearing old emotions and making diet/lifestyle changes to support a cleanse of her physical body.