Emotional Freedom to Heal

healingRiddled with health problems 10 years ago, Port Loring resident Dan Brooks came to a point in his life where he was barely able to rise out of bed in the morning.

He began to dabble with health food products, health shakes and supplements to improve his health, and although he found some releif, arthritic pain, chronic back pain, tremors and depression continued to overshadow his daily life.

Then one day, while reading a novel, he discovered a new healing therapy – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Though skeptical at first, Brooks began to delve further into the practice, studying and teaching himself the technique and using the technique on himself to heal.

What he discovered was that by using EFT on the negative thoughts he had about himself – his anger, self-worth, his view of the world – his pain began to leave his body.

EFT is much like a psychological acupressure technique. By tapping acupressure points, or end points of energy field meridians, one is able to address stresses caused by physical and emotional issues.

“Our body runs on subtle energies and when we get blocked on emotions, these energies get trapped,” Brooks says.

EFT is a way of addressing these energy blockages and helping you let go of some of your beliefs, he says.

“Your beliefs are your bondage and until you let them go, you’ll never get rid of the negative patterns you might be holding onto, like anger, which can create illness.”

“I had depression so bad about 10 years ago that I’d have to get away from people for three to four days. In hindsight, I didn’t start EFT to get rid of depression, I found it to work on anger.”

Brooks had been a chronic sufferer of arthritis since his early 20s, and over the years developed pain in his knees, hips, shoulders and hands. He started using EFT for pain relief, and discovered that by letting go of beliefs that didn’t serve him, he was able to lift the pain.

EFT also served as a way of calming himself and alleviating stress in his life.  “I ran at 8,000 RPMs all the time. I only ran at one speed – fast.”

In essence, EFT was a fast-track way of calming his mind. “Now, if a pain returns in my body, I automatically know that I have something to deal with, that there’s an emotion I’m not dealing with.”

More information on EFT can be found at www.emofree.com

By Sari Huhtala, Publisher, Alive+Fit Magazine