Living Life on Purpose

HEALING PICSuzanne Harmony’s smile broadens as she recounts the day she experienced the healing power of reiki. Having returned back to work part time as a dental assistant in the North Bay area, after a lengthy leave of absence due to illness, Harmony one day began experiencing visual disturbances – her cue that a migraine was about to set in. Sally, a co-worker hired on to replace her during her absence, happened to be trained in reiki and offered to do a treatment on Harmony.  “I said, “What’s reiki?” and she explained it was a gentle laying of the hand,” Harmony says.

In moments, lights were dimmed, computer monitors shut off and Sally began a reiki treatment. “She stood behind me as I was sitting in a chair and she gently placed her hands over my head in the crown chakra area, worked on my head and then she placed her hands under my heart chakra, and I felt very relaxed and it aborted the migraine. It was all gone. I was able to work the rest of the day. And I didn’t have a migraine the next day either.”

After the birth of her daughter in 1993 Harmony’s health began to decline. The most daunting and profound confliction was debilitating migraines that came on unexpectedly and sometimes daily, she recalls.

It would be four years before she journeyed to health through reiki. But it wasn’t merely the lifting of the pain that healed her life in 1997, but rather a deeper connection to her purpose and a greater awareness of how circumstances in her life were contributing to such profound migraines.

“After the second session with Sally, without reason I cried for an hour through the whole session. I cried for the years that I held back the tears. I had no reason that particular day to be crying. And I wasn’t pretty. I was snotty and bug-eyed, my ears were drowning in tears and yet, I was so relieved.

“I knew there was something divine to that energy. I understood I invited that energy to move through her into me and take away my pain. That was the first time I allowed myself to receive without guilt. When I resist the flow of the universe I suffer, and most often when I resist it’s because I’m not open to receive. I’m a giver.”

So many women today are givers, martyrs, not open to receiving, but always giving, says Harmony. Sometimes even with reiki the migraine doesn’t fully go away.  That is when she knows it is just time to surrender – to rest, and to allow her body to heal at a cellular level, she says.

Rather than continue to receive treatments from Sally, Harmony made the decision to study reiki in 1997 and treat herself.  Reiki, which is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation and healing, shifted Harmony’s understanding of the energy behind her migraines and how they were tied to what was happening in her life.

“I made choices to please others at that time and I was in a marriage that was not blessed with love…There was no fulfillment and I think I was holding on to that marriage for society’s sake.” When she and her husband parted, her pain lifted.

“The pain subsided because even though I left the home that I chose and the community that I love and moved into a stinky three-bedroom apartment with the lights of Burger King and Pizza Hut flashing through my living room window, I slept for the first time in 10 years, peacefully and blissfully, and I knew my children would be fine.”

She now is a reiki master and teacher and recently authored a book – Leap of Faith: From Fear to Fulfillment. Its purpose is to enlighten and empower people to release fear and embrace with passion their true purpose.

“The book is a companion; a friend that will ease you into change,” Harmony says. “It’s a secure gentle guide to bring about greater faith in yourself and all that you are here for, without judgment. You can go back to where you feel safe and maybe feel miserable again or you can listen to your soul, which is your inner companion that’s guiding you to make that change.”

By Sari Huhtala, Publisher, Alive+Fit Magazine