Sari Huhtala publisher of Alive+Fit magazine.
Sari Hutala Publisher

Alive+Fit launched in the summer of 2007 in an effort to create a resource that would support the growth of the natural health and wellness industry in the North by motivating readers to make healthier lifestyle choices and connecting them to the widespread resources available in the North. It has since expanded to include Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa region, Central Ontario, southern and southwestern Ontario.

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What sets Alive+Fit apart from other Media?

Real Stories. Real People.

Each issue offers an unparalleled "awe factor". Sure we include insightful editorials on health topics relevant to our readers, and offer creative and inspiring tips for living healthier, but what really sets us apart is our real life, down-to-earth stories of healing and inspiration.

Alive+Fit Magazines.

Here's what some of our clients have to say:

""After 20 years in different businesses and after using every means from radio to TV to newspaper ads, and doing direct marketing, I still have never ever gotten the response like I do with the Alive+Fit through my advertising. So it's working and it's working fabulously for me. And it's not just people from Sudbury coming into the centre. I'm getting people from Sturgeon Falls, Little Current and all over the place. We advertised the colonics in the summer issue and our calendar is booked up. People have been telling me they've been going to places like Orillia and St. Catherines to do colonics because they never knew that we had someone offering it here in the North."
Joanne St. Jean, Aviita Wellness Centre, Sudbury
"Advertising in Alive+Fit has definitely been good for our business. I've had people call up and say they were reading the magazine in their doctor's office and saw our ad. I had one woman from North Bay who came into the store and said she saw our ad in the magazine and wanted to see what products we had to offer. I've had people coming in to ask for items like spelt and Sucanet because they read about recipe conversions in the magazine. I love the fact that it's a local magazine and connects people to what is available to them here in the North."
Sheila Yaw-Maclean, Wellness Shoppe, Sudbury

"Alive and Fit provides an accessible, intimate perspective on healthy lifestyle options that is informative and refreshing. I continue to receive business directly connected to the advertising Soul Sister Creations has done with Alive and Fit."

Nikoline Calcaterra, Soul Sister Creations,
North Bay
"...for years I did a lot of advertising on TV, radio, newspapers, and spent a lot of money on advertising, and although I'd get some response, for the little amount of money we spent on advertising in Alive+Fit, the response was incredible. Two of our practitioners have held similar open house events in the past and they've advertised in conventional media twice as much and spent twice as much money and only had half the response that we had by advertising in Alive+Fit.""
Carole Fortier, owner of Namaste in Sudbury.

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