By Sari Huhtala

Maria Lavoie’s eyes smile as she shares some of her newfound knowledge from a health documentary she recently watched. Given a megaphone she likely would land herself on a street corner spreading news about natural health. It is almost immediately evident she is crazy about health. But who can blame her? Doctors war...


By Sari Huhtala

Breakfast pudding By Sari Huhtala How many kids would turn down pudding for breakfast? Pudding as a breakfast may not be top of mind for many parents, but if one considers the nutritional profile of chia seeds in a chia seed pudding, commercial breakfast cereals really start to look like candy in a box.



By Sari Huhtala

A year has passed since the day Jenne Zaccheo watched her then four-year-old son burst into giggles and take off running in the park to join a handful of other youngsters playing amongst the jungle gym. Seems like natural behaviour for a kindergartner, but for an autistic child – who at one point would not even...