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Alive+Fit is on the grow! Our magazine is now available in about 1000 locations related to wellness across Ontario – spanning across Northern Ontario, Central, southern and southwestern Ontario and Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa region.

As a small business owner you’re bombarded with a myriad of choices when it comes to advertising. How do you decide what will give you the best bang for your advertising dollar? What if you knew that every person who reads a copy of Alive+Fit was your potential client? That translates into over 75,000 prospective clients. You’ll find Alive+Fit at wellness-related locations spanning Ontario, as well as in additional locations like doctor’s and dental offices, salons, spas and more.

Alive+Fit attracts people who search for ways to improve their health. Since they are already investing in their health by frequenting a health food store, chiropractor, naturopath or any other wellness-related business where they pick up the magazine, they are already investing in their own wellness. Alive+Fit provides a path for readers to connect to wellness resources that can support them on the journey – you, the advertiser.

Alive+Fit provides a direct line to your potential client – the health-minded individual.

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Now you can enhance your advertising with web banners on our website, and e-newsletter. With one click your potential clients can connect to your website through banner advertising, or tell your story with an exclusive video clip on our home page.

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